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First Steps to Freedom - five top tips for life after Redundancy, Early Retirement or as an Empty Nester


Welcome To The Coaching Garden

Take your first steps to a new you after redundancy, early retirement, divorce, empty nesting or simply at a turning point…

  • ♦  Been made redundant or contemplating early retirement?
  • ♦  Kids finally fled the nest?
  • ♦  Recently relinquished caring responsibilities?
  • ♦  Feeling downtrodden?  Thinking there must be more to life than this?
  • ♦  Want something completely different but don’t know what and don’t know how?
  • ♦  Worried that the money will run out before you’ve decided what to do?

Now is the time!

Whatever your situation, it is probably acting as a catalyst for you to reinvent yourself and try something completely different.  Maybe you’re still smarting from redundancy or thanking your lucky stars that you no longer have that long commute to work. Deep down are you wondering what you are going to do next?  You want something new.  Perhaps a health scare has you thinking that life’s too short for all that rat-race stuff and there must be something better out there.  Trouble is – you don’t know what you want.  You’re tired of dancing to another boss’s tune.  Friends and family don’t seem to ‘get’ what it is you’re feeling – and perhaps you can’t put your finger on exactly what it is you want either.  What happened to all those things you promised yourself you would do when you had the time?

Maybe you’d love to work for yourself and start a business, but you don’t know what, and you have no idea how to go about it anyway.  Or maybe you just want a complete change and a job in a totally different field of work – but how can you do that without a background or “proper” experience in that line of business?  And things have moved on so much since you last looked for work – you don’t even know how they write CVs these days let alone have the confidence to go for interviews or get your head around social media…

Make your plans with complete confidence

I can work with you to help you find out exactly what you want to do, help you prepare for it and achieve it.  Most importantly I will guide you to make your plans with complete confidence that they will fit with the rest of your lifestyle.  If you’re thinking of  starting your own business, I’ll make sure you don’t go leaping into a 24/7 home business when you were looking for flexibility and more “me” time.  And I’ll work with you to re-build that confidence that has been worn down over years of the daily grind, always putting yourself last on the priority list. I know, because I’ve been there!

I spent thirteen and a half years in a job I loved, but with very different managerial styles every couple of years, coupled with an organisational change which focused on values very different from my own.  I have travelled the world, worked in the public and the private sectors, in large corporations and small enterprises, and now have my own business which I love.  Life is about making it work for you, not waiting for the right things to happen by some miracle.  I can help you go out and grab it with both hands!  And if you are wanting really fast results, consider a Personal Breakthrough session.  Call me now to find out more about how I can help you find your way to a better, more rewarding and satisfying life, a new and exciting job or creating a business you love.

And yes, you can do it!

Your agenda. Your pace. Our expertise.

The Coaching Garden works with women from around 35 to 55 (a guideline, not a rule!) who are facing dramatic changes in their lives such as those brought about by redundancy, early retirement, kids leaving home or even a healthscare or other wake-up call. We help you to work out your next steps quickly and simply, avoiding procrastination and worry, and gently work alongside you as you decide what you want to do, how, and by when you are going to do it.

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