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"When I realised I was completely stuck in a rut, desperate to change my lifestyle and mindset I turned to Liz for help. Having heard about her work with Personal Breakthrough Coaching I was drawn to find out how this could help me. We talked a lot about my life history and worked through my emotional baggage. A real relief to get rid of years of stuff that held me back and stopped me believing in myself. We also discussed in depth what I valued most in my life. This really helped me to prioritise and focus my efforts on areas that would give my life more meaning. The Breakthrough Coaching achieved immediate changes to my mindset but the real bonus is that it has helped me improve my self esteem and health and I'm no longer being negative about myself.

I found working with Liz really easy. Liz is empathetic, non judgemental, very caring and showed great professionalism in helping me through the process.

I am experiencing a happier and healthier lifestyle with my husband and family as a result of your coaching. Thank you Liz."

Endora S    Northants   

"Working with Liz helped me to find clarity and confidence during a challenging stage of my life. She listened and understood; and helped me to gain access to the tools I needed to do it. Thank you."

Sue S    Milton Keynes   

"Through a series of Coaching sessions, Liz has helped me to bring clarity and focus to my thought process, rather than battle with the constant struggle of too many ideas flying around my head and too little action.

I managed to achieve my main goal which she helped me to set before the deadline and this is most certainly down to her encouragement, insightfulness and understanding coupled with her unique ability to draw out fears or unhelpful beliefs that were holding me back and help me to deal with them using some really helpful techniques which I am continuing to use as I set myself new goals to further my development.

Liz has an extremely calming manner and a wonderful structured approach to Coaching that makes something that at first felt like an impossibility, totally and easily achievable. She is extremely intuitive and constantly keeps me grounded in reality - a definite key to my achievements so far.

I can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my sessions with Liz and am looking forward to her working with me again in the future. Thank you Liz!"

Susanne E    Suffolk   

"Elizabeth is a very professional coach who takes time to understand the person she is working with and what it is they are looking to gain from coaching. By using her skills she is able to help you overcome obstacles you feel you may have and help you to build a realistic and achievable plan to to meet your future objectives.

I had not used coaching before and was surprised how it made me think and feel different about things that I perhaps had fixed views on in my own mind. It makes you see things in a new light and helps you focus on what it is that you really want and how to get there. Elizabeth makes the whole process interesting by her questioning techniques and the tasks she sets that really do make you think.

I felt the sessions made a difference to me and would not hesitate to use Elizabeth again in the future."

Gary M    Buckinghamshire   

"I hired Elizabeth as a coach to help me identify what I really wanted to do in my career. Elizabeth's clear focus, patience and drive to ensure you identify what is right for you helped me to understand what I really wanted out of my career. I would recommend Elizabeth as a coach and mentor to people who are looking for a coach with a calm and professional approach."

Wendy C    Hertfordshire   

"I wasn’t sure there’d be anything/anyone out there who could bring new thinking/perspectives to problem solving (I’ve read widely on ‘self improvement’ etc), so was grateful and relieved! I liked knowing that after each call, with set actions, that I would be accountable (in my eyes) to reporting back on progress and the opportunity to talk through issues and stumbling blocks in a supportive, non-judgemental way. [You were] easy to talk to. Good at helping to ‘unpack’ issues/problems and coming up with a clearer plan of action. [I am now] better equipped at taking the emotional ‘sting’ out of situations and thoughts, so I can focus on the facts and successful outcomes.

A happy by product of wanting greater well being, is slow and steady weight loss – have not weighed myself as don’t want to get fixated, but clothes notably looser and compliments on appearance tell me I’m heading in the right direction. I find that not only do I use more ‘positive’ language, but will also gently nudge others towards turning negative thoughts/language into positives. I have also cut loose others who seem terminally toxic (to me) and the quality of my life is all the better for their absence.

Since finishing the coaching, I went through a quick succession of personal emotional trials – bereavements, family illness, caring for family member whilst juggling other demands – the tools I acquired from the coaching helped me navigate those stormy and at times, very emotional waters. When past issues/emotions flared up, I was able to face them head on and ‘talk myself down’ and was able to concentrate on the here and now and not be dragged down by unhelpful ‘baggage’ chatter. I don’t think you’ll know just how invaluable I found the coaching."

Denise D    London   

"There is no doubt that coaching is a positive, life changing experience, when you embrace it fully. Elizabeth intuitively knows what to ask and how to drill down to the real ‘issues’ in a gentle but firm way, caring and inspired. In doing so I found I was able to find motivation to identify and address my issues to get out of the ‘rut’ and move on with my goals much more productively. Elizabeth gets you to challenge your status quo, allows you to take your time to consider your options but always leaves you in a safe and constructive place. Thank you."

Suzanne B    Lancashire   

"Elizabeth is a great coach! When I first started working with her I thought that I knew what I wanted from this experience but her excellent thought provoking questions and her understanding of how we work made for a journey that took me from a place where I thought I was doing well to a place where I was a hundred times more confident and happy with who I am. By guiding me through my own core values and my own key strengths Elizabeth has helped me develop a level of confidence and a focus that I have never had before."

Matthew P    Northampton